Logo Commission


iscu tea, San Jose

Created a set of logos for a client opening a new tea store in the heart of downtown San Jose.

iscu tea's specialty lies in its high quality ingredients, curated with care and knowledge. The logo reflects its beauty in simplicity and class.

- Made with Procreate and illustrator -


Happy Customer pics! From Yelp and Google Maps <3 <3

First set of sketches and mock-up. B, C, G, J, I were the chosen candidates.

Second set of sketches. A, f, O were the chosen candidates.

Third set of sketches. E, H, P, Q, N were the chosen candidates. Focused on floral themes.

Fourth set of sketches. Focused more on oval outline and negative space.

Fifth and final set of sketches. Designs P and Q were chosen as the client's pick, made a few variations of similar design.

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