Click and Point Game

- Where is Remy? -


"Where is Remy?" (2021)

A simple click and point game using p5.js and its libraries.

Explore my room and try to find my cat, Remy! She has many different hiding spots, every game will be different than the last!

- Made with p5.js and Procreate -




I constantly lose everything around the house. Jewelry is lost inside pockets and bags the day they are bought, my “find my phone” ringer has been used too many times, I forget about objects as soon as I put them down on any surface...It’s honestly a great pain and terrible habit I must get over. But there is one thing I love actively searching for around the house, it’s my one-year old cat Remy. She loves claiming spots around the house as her new favorite napping spot; in the dirty clothes pile, inside a cabinet, on a chair, the position changes about every month or so. When I am tired after countless hours of zoom and homework, I leave my chair to pet her to relax myself, and I roam around the house calling for her as I check all her favorite places. Although a small and mundane task, I find great pleasure in it, since it’s different than just ringing a phone; she is unpredictable and playful with her favorite spots.

For my final project I decided to create a simple click-and-point adventure game in simulating, as well as theatrificying this little hide-and-seek game I play with Remy. Although the real task itself is quick and uneventful, it’s meaning to me and my family is immeasurable. We had just adopted Remy 6 months ago and we love watching her become a complete part of our family, she found trust in comfort in us and in our home, and we are delighted everytime she finds a new favorite spot. I love it when my parents or sister walks into my room to check my desk, window and bed, in search of her, and I love how all my family members join me when I come out of the room in search of Remy. Honestly, this small task has made a great positive difference in our pandemic quarantine life, and I wanted to remember this feeling by creating a game out of it.

I say “simple” point-and-click adventure game, but this project was an enormous task. Figuring out the coding, especially the switch cases, countless errors, and merging of different libraries was horribly difficult at times. Doing the coding, alongside drawing the assets was the most time-consuming project I have ever done. This project felt like I bit off more than I could chew, with the time restraint and difficulty level, especially during finals season, but I’m very satisfied with the end result. There are 22 scenes in total, the first being the into, then the starting dialogue, then the 3 rooms (each a scene), and the 8 interactable objects total in the rooms, a good result and bad result per object (8x2=16 object scenes), and the ending scene. 9 sounds (two BGMs and seven sound effects) were implemented in the game as well. The scene manager and it’s system of working on one scene at a time, as well as organizing these scenes easily, helped massively in the coding process. Drawing the scenes was an absolute pain, due to the sheer amount of sprites and backgrounds I needed to draw in a limited amount of time. I was able to pull it off due to the simple, elementary-school-like art style I went for. I used the library as well as the P5.clickable library for the interactable mouse functions. was for in-game sprites, used as objects Remy could be hiding in. Since does not support text options well, I used clickables for my dialogue options.

The main gameplay is simple, you need to navigate around the 3 room scenes and it’s 8 object sprites to find where Remy is. Since each object has a number, and the winning number is randomized every game, every new game will be different from your previous playthrough (although there is a chance that the randomizer chooses the same number again).

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